Enhancing the Next Generation of Entrepreneurship

The Next Foundry is a program designed to serve the next generation of high impact entrepreneurs by providing mentorship, investment, and a powerful network.

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About TNF

The Next Foundry (TNF) is a program designed to accelerate the growth of our most talented young entrepreneurs by providing them with mentorship, capital, and a powerful network. We select young entrepreneurs, in high school or university, on a rolling basis and challenge them to build a new business venture or iterate and scale their existing ideas using the plethora of resources TNF has to offer. TNF recognizes that many young entrepreneurs are situated in rural and remote areas, which is why we operate solely online using Skype and Slack.

Interested founders should take into account that the program’s time commitment is anywhere between 1-4 hours per week, which is tailored to accommodate the needs of students. Mentors will range in age, area of expertise, and their industry. If you are a builder, innovator, or even a person who has never built a high impact venture but wants to try, this program is for you. We look forward to executing on our vision to help create industry-changing businesses that could help propel us forward.

Why TNF?

Why The Next Foundry?

Incredible Mentorship

Gain access to personal advice and venture guidance from top entrepreneurs and industry leaders.

The Ultimate Network

Build strategic relationships with our brightest entrepreneurs and thought leaders.


Earn up to $5,000 in seed capital from premier VCs and fellowships.

Founder Development

Enhance your entrepreneurial skills by going through a specialized curriculum designed by award winning business leaders.


Our organization has divided sponsorship into five tiers, with each corresponding to a minimum sponsorship value.

  • Tier 1: Bronze $500+

    Bronze sponsors will have the opportunity to feature their logo/link on TNF’s website.

  • Tier 2: Silver $1500+

    Along with receiving the Bronze reward, Silver sponsors will have their logo/link on online materials distributed by TNF.

  • Tier 3: Gold $3500+

    Along with all previous rewards, Gold sponsors will get the opportunity to send a representative to talk online to the entire TNF cohort in session.

  • Tier 4: Platinum $5000+

    Along with all previous rewards, Platinum sponsors will be offered the opportunity to make a press release on all TNF social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter).

  • Tier 5: Diamond $7500+

    Along with all previous rewards, Diamond sponsors will have their logo included on all TNF merchandise.

  • Title Sponsor $10000+

    The Title Sponsor is the sponsor who gives the highest sponsorship compared to any other sponsor. The Title Sponsor will receive all of the above rewards, along with an offer to be featured in the annual TNF video and be the namesake of the TNF Foundation.


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Our Team

Manu Goswami

Manu (Swish) Goswami

T20u20, Co-Founder of TNF, CEO @ RafikiMedia, FoodShare, World Youth Fund. UN Youth Ambassador. AILE Scholar @ University of Toronto 👻 @goswish

Alex Gillis

Alex Gillis

CEO at Bitness, Co-Founder at The Next Foundry & Hoist Halifax, 2016 Loran Scholar at UBC Sauder School of Business, 2015 Canadian Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

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